första artikeln kommer från en vän till mig som uppmärksammade hur mycket pengar som försvann på cigaretter.

It’s all started with me loosing a job. Our family budget got really tight – two kids, house loan and all, and I tried to save every penny I could, but it was still not enough and we were hardly managing with only one salary. That’s when I tried to convince my husband to give up smoking, but he refused the very idea of it, even though his packet of smokes per day would really make a big difference to us. We could only afford the cheapest brands, but even that was eating up a great part of our budget.

So one day I was on the phone with my cousin, who was a heavy smoker for as long as I could remember, asking her if she knows a place I can buy cheap cigarettes. And that’s when I got the best solution for our problem. She mentioned that online cigarette store that sells tax free smokes for like half the market price and does the home delivery. At first I was very suspicious, but decided to give it a try and ordered the cheapest carton of cigarettes there was. Imagine my surprise when just in no time they got it delivered! Since then that is the only place I order cigarettes for my husband and our family budget has improved a great deal. I highly recommend cigaretteszone.com to everyone who wants to save their money on cigarettes.”